Day 13: Things get even more raunchy

05 February 2017
If you thought the party was spicy wait until you see what went down after hours.

Running on a high after the party the Housemates decided to sit around the kitchen table and play a little Truth or Dare. From stripping to fondling to 10 second make out sessions, things got real in the Big Brother Naija House!

First to take things over the edge was Bally who's usually pretty quiet and reserved. There's no way of knowing if it was the carefree vibes or the alcohol but he really came out of his shell during the game. He got dared to fondle TBoss for 10 seconds and went right for it. All of this unfolded while Miyonse looked on sitting right next to them and staring in disbelief!

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It didn't stop there either because Bally kissed Uriel's toes before letting Bisola pull down his pants and literally kiss his behind in full view of all the other Housemates who laughed histerically the whole time.

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CoCoIce, Soma, Debie Rise and Efe all had to strip down to their bare essentials after the bottle landed on them. Gifty, however, took matters into her own hands after Soma refused to comply with her dare to take her top off. She undressed herself and even let him unclip her bra with his teeth once he'd warmed up to the game a little later. That said, he seemed pretty cross with Gifty when she went through with his dare to kiss Efe! Was he testing her loyalty?

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The Housemates really kept us on the edge of our seats and there were so many more, hilarious and jaw dropping moments that we've condensed into the exlcusive round up below. Who shocked you the most? Drop us a comment after the jump and let us know.

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