Day 13: The Housemates let loose!

04 February 2017
If there were still any inhibitions before tonight it's safe to say they're gone now!

Perhaps it was Dj Waxxy's intoxicating mix of Nigerian classics or the copious amounts of alcohol but the Housemates really went all out tonight. How much you ask? Well, this was the situation just 15 minutes into the party.

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Lots of sucking face 

Thin Tall Tony was so hype, leading the dancing and spreading the love! After winding and grinding on just about every single Housemate he rushed Bisola and gave her a long and passionate kiss that left her completely shocked and in awe! She stood there speechless for the rest of the song.

Efe and CoCoIce had been vibing all night and also shared a kiss that came out of the blue. Perhaps yesterday's (Day 12) kissing game left them with lingering feelings they needed to revisit.

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Dirty dancing and double crossing

Moments before the party Soma and Gifty were at each other's throats so we were shocked to see them slow dancing just a few songs into the party. That didn't last long however. Thin Tall Tony struck again, grinding on Gifty and kissing her neck in full view of Soma.

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Gifty soon returned the favour with a sexy, lap dance before getting scooped off the floor by Kemen and engaging in some very racy humping. Needless to say, it looked like she was driving home the point to Soma that she could get any man she wanted in the House!

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Gifty wasn't the only one playing with fire tonight! Since his girl "doesn't dance" Miyonse decided to have a go at Uriel. They slow danced to DJ Waxxy's raggae set but their little escapade was short lived.

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Tboss pulled him to the back of the Party Room and while the music was playing too loud to make out what they said it looked like he got quite the tongue lashing for his antics.

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The Housemates had an amazing time (particularly ThinTallTony) and they partied like the cameras weren't rolling. All the shyness and the reservation is melting away and as any fan of Big Brother can attest, that means we'll soon get to see the really good stuff go down!

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