Day 13: The Contribution Challenge

13 July 2019
The BBNaija Pepper Dem gang contribute among themselves Bet9ja Coins to meet Task requirements.

After putting up a wonderful performance both at the robot Task and the Bet9ja Arena Games yesterday, the Pepper Dem Housemates are now faced with a more daunting Task – contributing the sum of 2,500 Bet9ja Coins among themselves. To achieve this, there has to be a meeting and this really is the melting pot. Was it a unanimous agreement or was there a free-for-all? Let’s ride on.


Hardly had the Housemates left the Arena when some of them started to grumble about the possibility of them donating their hard-earned or in some people’s words “lifeline” Coins to meet up with the final Task. That this didn’t go well with many of them is an understatement, as the Pepper Dem gang especially the females found this as unfair.

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The Revelations

Thanks to Biggie, no one could have known that some Housemates have up to the amount of Bet9ja Coins with them, even though they had earlier come out as needy to fellow Housemates. More surprising even was to see that some of the ladies, most of whom used to be poor, have miraculously amassed a huge amount of Bet9ja Coins. Of course, the guys got their backs!

The Consensus

After all the back and forth, Nelson the HoH was able to gather everybody in the lounge where a formal discussion took place. Each Housemate has to contribute whatever he or she has got, since the Task concerns every single one of them. Jeff appeared exemplary by contributing a staggering 400 Bet9ja Coins while Tacha gave 100. You should see the looks on the faces of other Housemates when Omashola gave out his last Coins – a meagre 20. Others too followed suit.

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In the end, they were able to gather 2,500 Bet9ja Coins.

Even though they’ve got the Bet9ja Coins, how are they sure they will be able to escape Biggie’s scrutiny of how they arrived at the amount? Let’s keep our cool as the drama unfolds.  

Watch the Coin Contribution.

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