Day 13: Blowing off steam before Eviction

04 February 2017
Efe, Miyonse and Soma are starting to feel the pressure as Eviction looms but they're dealing with stress in radically different ways.
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Throughout the day the vibe in the Big Brother House was positive but tense. It was clear from the somber demeanour of some, that tomorrow's Eviction wasn't only going to affect those potentially leaving the House but also everyone who's bonded with them over the last 13 Days. It was also fascinating to note how Efe, Miyonse and Soma coped with the immense pressure they were feeling.

Kissing and cuddling

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Miyonse and Tboss spent a great deal of their afternoon cuddling in the back yard, laughing, exchanging tender kisses and staring longingly into each other's eyes. In complete contrast to so many fo their previous exchanges the two of them also seemed quite smitten with one another. That said, Miyonse did stare off into the distance every now and then seemingly deep in thought. However, it was clear that having his bae by his side really helped ease his discomfort.

A vicious exchange of words!

The F-bombs just kept flying back and forth as Gifty lashed out at Soma and demanded he stop touching her and pretending he cared. Soma was dumbstruck and his attempts to find out why she was so cross with him were fruitless. Things reached fever pitch as Gifty stormed off yelling "You think it's all about fun and holding hands! You're just a monster in disguise!" She might have been alluding to her conversation with Bally this morning where she vented about how frustrated she was with Soma teasing her and not showing affection. Visibly irritated, Soma decided to sleep it off.

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Humour and Horror stories

Efe decided to spend the early hours of the evening in the company of good friends. They exchanged thrilling account of shocking magic tricks they'd all witness before describing the scariest Horror films they'd ever seen in gory detail. Overall it looked like Efe was much happier and more composed than he was when the Housemates were preparing to debate his competance as Igwe a few days ago.

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Once the clock strikes 21:00 it's time to party with DJ Waxxy on the decks! Perhaps this will help our nominees get their minds of what's happening. Make sure you keep watching Big Brother Naija.

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