Day 12: Was it a Kiss?

12 July 2019
Finally, the Merike ship has sailed.

Mercy and Ike shared a passionate moment in the garden last night that had us angling our cameras to get a clearer view.

Locked Lips?

What started off as a gathering for Mike's birthday soon ended with Housemates breaking into pairs. One notable pair was Mercy and Ike. These two were up in each other faces that we wouldn't be surprised if they codedly locked lips. Did they really kiss or was it a play on our intelligence?

1562933131 34 screenshot 2019 07 11 at 11.00.58 pm

Onto the Bed

The love sprung couple soon migrated to the bedroom where they shared heart to heart discussions bordering on strategy and Housemates profiling.

These two look like strong contenders for our other 'ships' in the House- Khafi and Gedoni as they are not slowing down in Peppering us with couple goals.

1562933036 34 screenshot 2019 07 12 at 11.01.09 am

Raised Brows

Ike's priorities in the House hasn't been very straight forward and this calls to question his sudden display of affection towards Mercy. Is he stringing her along as a strategy or could the 'gangsta' finally be in love?

Mercy, on the other hand, isn't a pushover either. Is she really love sprung or is she playing an elite game of faux romance?

Enough said on this matter, watch the pillow talk between them and be the judge of the romance that is going on between them.

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