Day 12: Trivia ain't that trivial

31 July 2020
When it comes to sports trivia the Housemates showed that they ain't playing
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After many losses and moments of pure buffoonery, the Big Brother Housemates finally got the chance to show they can play games and win. After enjoying lunch the Housemates were alerted by Biggie than another round of Betway Trivia was to take place. The format was identical to the last time with 30 questions being asked, the only difference was the Housemates were allowed to choose who should be on which team. 

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The simple change of being able to choose teammates made a marked difference in the cohesion of the group and their performance overall. Where the Housemates had struggled with simple questions last time around, the comradery this time aided the Housemates to answer more questions correctly than before. 

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There were also glaring moments that showed an interest in sports isn't universal, such as when Lilo struggled to pronounce Wimbledon. Her pronunciation was so shocking that even the usually supportive Eric, hung his head in shame.This time around the Housemates managed to score many more points than their first attempt and grew leaps and bounds in their understanding of each other and confidence.

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If they can manage to carry the momentum created by this successful Betway Trivia into other Tasks, activities, and into Arena games, the Housemates will be winning games and each other's respect in equal measure.  


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