Day 12: The Fantasy Challenge

12 July 2019
The Housemates' Arena Games tonight was to perform a fantasy Task for which the winner pockets 500 Bet9ja Coins.

As part of the three-phase Task the Housemates have to complete in order to get back their privileges from Big Brother, the fantasy challenge consists of six different parts. And each part must be completed individually. Unlike the robot Task which was done as a group, whoever wins this gets 500 Bet9ja Coins while the second position is rewarded with 200 Bet9ja Coins.

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The Game

The six phases of this challenge must be completed within four minutes and any Housemate who doesn't meet this gets disqualified. The challenge consists of six different stages which include the balancing, the magic potion, the magic ride, the mystic pool, apple fishing and the dragon egg peeling. Each must be done without breaking the rules of the Game.

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How It Went Down

Omashola was the first to go and he finished in one minute and 35 seconds. Among the guys, Mike completed the Task the fastest in 44 seconds while Sir Dee came second finishing in 45 seconds. Well done, Mike.

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The ladies too tried their best, but it just wasn’t enough to beat the likes of Mike and Sir Dee. The determination to win the Bet9ja Coins were written all over their faces. Even though she was later disqualified, Khafi was the best among the ladies, finishing in 1 minute. Besides Khafi, also disqualified were Tacha and Mercy.   

Not Over Yet

Though Biggie commended the Housemates for their overall performance at this challenge, they were made to realise that it’s not over yet. If they must get half of their shopping allowance for the week, they have to come up with 2,500 Bet9ja Coins by tomorrow evening. How they will do it is left to them. But will they be able to raise up to that amount of Coins?  

Watch the Arena challenge here.

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