Day 12: Chilling in the luxury suite

04 February 2017
It was Bisola's special treat but she decided to spread the love!

After coming first in today's PayPorte Arena Challenge Biggie rewarded Bisola with a night in the luxury pad upstairs complete with refreshments, courtesy of Pay Porte. He then asked her to pick one person to share the spoils with and she went with Marvis who'd struggled for so long with the challenge she'd gotten disqualified. Thoughtful and generous indeed but she didn't stop there.

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Once upstairs, Bisola launched into one of her signature monologue's thanking Payporte for hooking her up before handing out some of the champaigne and tasty snacks to her friends downstairs. She even invited everyone to chill in the luxury bedroom and enjoy an ice cold beer, chips and pickles. Whether this was also an act of great generosity or a clever strategy to win people over remains to be seen. This is after all, a competition for 25 Million Naira!

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It wasn't long before the Housemates drank up everything on the table and started begging Biggie for a bottle of Vodka. "Just one bottle Biggie, make the House come alive!" Kemen screamed as the rest of the guys chuckled. Lucky for them, they won't have to wait long before their thirst is quenched! It's the big House party tonight (Day 13) and DJ Waxxy will be dropping fire pon the dancefloor while the drinks flow. Will we get the action the guys have promised? Make sure you're watching from 21:00 WAT!

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