Day 12: Bisola the comeback kid!

03 February 2017
She had the slowest time last week but she came back fighting tonight!

The Housemates shuffled into the arena looking visibly nervous as they braced themselves for another Friday night, arena game courtesy of Payporte.Biggie's booming voice soon filled the room as he welcomed them and explained the rules.

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For today's challenge the Housemates had to figure out a domino puzzle before going over and under four hurdles. They then had to scale a large net, run acroos a beam and complete another puzzle before the timer stopped!

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Efe kicked things off with a time of 03:03 and after CoCoIce and Miyonse failed to match his effort it looked like he was going to win for a second week in a row. Enter Gifty! She blazed through the puzzles and established a firm lead of 02:36.

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Her lead was short lived however as Kemen relied on his stamina, making mince meat of the obstacle course and posting a time of 02:31.

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Given Bisola's performance last week no one saw it coming when she snatched the lead from Kemen despite cautiously navigating the obstacle course! She finished with a time of 01:55 and no one esle came close to beating it. Bassey and Marvis really struggled with the first puzzle and posted the slowest time with the latter actually getting buzzed out. Biggie rewarded Bisola with a weekend in the luxury sweet upstairs, complete with refreshments. She decided to pick Marvis as her partner in order to lift her spirits.

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