Day 11: More clues, more confusion

02 February 2017
Efe accuses CoCoIce of undermining his authority while Biggie gives more clues for the Green Advantage card
CoCoIce defends herself

Pandemoneum broke out in the House as Efe accused CoCoIce of undermining his authority when she retrieved the card from the box that was on th efirst clue that the Igwe read out this morning. Uriel had been given the card by CoCoIce and had walked around the House saying that she thought that it was the Green Advantage card. Things got heated as CoCoIce defended her actions while Igwe was telling anybody who would listen that he was not happy with her and that she was "undermining" his authority.

Biggie cooled the waters by calling the Igwe into the Diary room where he was presented with further clues on the whereabouts of the card. Igwe gave three new clues which Efe read out:

Clue 2: What is lost remains lost, what needs to be found remains to be found. 

Clue 3: In any exercise, results come when you rest.

Clue 3: Today is a chilly day, stay warm.

This got the Housemates searching again for the ever elusive Green Advantage card. 

34 thintalltony resumes his search 004 pre

With the Housemates coming so close on many occasions, who is going to find the card that could potentially give them an advantage later on in the game? Tune in on Sunday night's Live Eviction show at 7pm WAT to find out. 


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