Day 11: How Will They Win The Wager?

08 February 2018
With the drama and tension mounting in the House, how will the Housemates win their Wager?

The reality is that team work makes for dream work in the Big Brother Naija House, especially at this stage of the game. This week’s theme is “be humble and learn” but this has not been the case for many of the Housemates.

The Problem

Today is the big Task presentation that will dictate whether or not the Housemates win their Wager for the week. This obviously requires team work, coordination and synchronicity, something that the Housemates have been severely lacking in of late. The House has not been kept clean, there has been constant bickering and strategizing as well as a lack of enthusiasm toward their chores and Tasks. How will the Housemates pull off a pantomime and a retentive Task if they can’t even get it together to clean up the House? The fact that Biggie has to request that all of them clean the windows is a huge red flag in itself. The Fake Nominations however was the real catalyst for all of the disarray and lack of harmony between all the Housemates.

The Culprits

There are a few Housemates that have really been at the centre of all the House controversy. Princess and Cee-C have been at each other’s throats this week with their feuds and obvious rivalry. Lolu has also thrown a spanner in the works with his secret Task, getting many of the Housemates paranoid and also messing with the pair dynamic. Bitto has been pulling moves to work in his favour which has caused Angel, Dee-One and Princess to form wild theories about him and a few others. The three conspiracy theorists are convinced that Khloe, Cee-C and Teddy A are plants. Tobi has also come up short in his HoH duties as a good HoH would of made sure the Housemates focus on the Tasks and chores, he also should have been more proactive in sorting out the quarrels that have arisen this week.

The Outcome

With all of this drama and disconnection the Housemates will have to go on pure faith if they plan on acing the Tasks and winning their Wager. The “Sexual Consent” pantomime is sure to go well as many fancy themselves as actors or industry professionals but with regards to the retentive task and the choreography we can only hope they have a last minute spark of harmonic inspiration otherwise they will face another loss and let’s face it, they really need a win this week. This morning some Housemates were practicing for the Tasks as well as some music making but as usual not all the Housemates were involved and Tobi did nothing about this.

Biggie is doing everything possible to try and promote bonding and humility but with all the clashing egos, do you think the Housemates will humble themselves and learn to work together? 

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