Day 11: "Housemates, freeze"

02 February 2017
Biggie makes the Housemates wash the windows and then makes them do a Freeze Task
CoCoIce freeze

Biggie decided to get the Housemates working today by getting them to wash the windows in the House. It was a good way to lighten the tension that had been building in the House which threatened to spill over when Efe accused CoCoIce of undermining his authority. Some of the Housemates took to this task with great relish as they were able to gaze lovingly into their own reflection.   

34 debie rise cleans windows 004 pre

While the Housemates were busy, Biggie's voice rolled out "Housemates, freeze" which most of them duly did, with a few exceptions. Biggie kept them in their freeze poses for a long time but one ore two people giggled and moved, which was not lost on Biggie. After what seemed like hours he told them that they could unfreeze but that CoCoIce, Miyonse, TBoss, Debie-Rise and Bisola had disobeyed him and they were to freeze again while Biggie informed the others that they had completed their task of washing the windows.

34 cocoice freeze 1 004 pre

To teach the naughty Housemates a lesson he made them freeze again for even longer than the first time. Eventually Biggie told each Housemate, one at a time to unfreeze. With th eparliamentary session coming up, the housemates paired off in their groups of the Haves and the Have Nots to discuss the upcoming debate session about whether or not Igwe should keep or lose his Supreme Leader status. 

34 have nots prepare for parliament 004 pre

Efe had been rubbing some people up the wrong way with CoCoIce especially aggrieved following their earlier spat where he had accused her of undermining his authority. TBoss and Miyonse had spent some time earlier alone discussing strategies on how to usurp the crown from the Igwe. 


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