Day 10: She’s Got Game?

07 February 2018
As the saying goes; “what woman wants, God wants”. So what do the Double Wahala leading ladies really want?

We take a look at how some of the ladies have played their game in the House so far:

Somehow Vandora has always managed to avoid being part of confrontations, even though she has instigated some and always managed to know what was brewing in the House.

There is more to Anto than meets the eye. Forever diplomatic and purposeful, Anto has managed to never find herself in an awkward position. From the start, she has benefited from Housemates’ assertion that she was kind of out-of-their league. Anto’s geeky aura has also helped her build a persona.

As for Nina she projected a certain genuineness. While she hasn’t gone an extra mile to make friends, she has put all of her trust in Miracle, her partner and anchor. Nina has shown quite a humble front, as she was open to learning, never allowing her ego to get in the way whenever Miracle corrected her. She hasn’t pulled any tricks from her hat to manipulate her environment yet.

Beneath her blinding smile, Ahneeka has proven that she had the upper hand and was in full control of Rico Swavey. She let him be the social butterfly that chats everybody up while she takes a back seat to observe, strategise and instruct Rico Swavey accordingly.

A lot of oil was spilled over K_Square (Khloe and K.Brule), and Khloe has equally fired back for she believes K.Brule is not pulling his weight. For Khloe K.Brule is a non-factor so much so that she freely changed her mind during the mock Nominations, thereby proving her contempt for K.Brule’s opinion.

Well Cee-C has been able to maintain her position as Queen of the House and bedroom mate to Head of House Tobi without giving into his advances or ceding an inch of her charms. She has mastered the art of leading Tobi by the nose with ever-evasive promises of a future together.

How far will these leading ladies take their game?  

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