Day 10: Bow down and hunt for your advantage

01 February 2017
Efe reads out the Bowing Task and reveals that there is a Green Advantage card hidden in the House
Joker misses th ecard

In a move guaranteed to go to the Igwe's head, Biggie called Efe into the Diary room and gave him two Tasks to read out. Biggie wanted Igwe to inform his loyal subjects that they had to bow to the Supreme Leader, Igwe at all times. They were only allowed to stop bowing to him once he touched them on their shoulder with the sceptre. The Igwe had also been given permission by Biggie to choose two Housemates that didn't have to bow to him. 

34 bow down to igwe 004 pre

Earlier, while the Housemates were doing their Sacred Dances in the Arena, biggie's Ninja snuck into the House and hid something in the Conspiracy Room underneath the bench. Igwe read out the second card of th eTask informing them that Biggie had prepared a special reward for one of the Housemates to be revealed to them at the Live Eviction Show on Sunday. He informed the Housemates that there was a special Green Advantage card hidden somewhere in the House. 

34 hunting for an advantage 009 pre

Should a Nominated Housemate find the card, they could pass it on to a fellow Housemate should they get evicted on Sunday. The Advantage Card could not be stolen and could only change ownership if the Housemate chose to do so voluntarily. The Housemates wasted no time in turning the House upside down to try and find Biggie's surprise. Who would be the lucky Housemate to gain the special advantage from Biggie? TBoss was close but no cigar as she exited the Conspiracy Room without checking under the bench.

34 ttt close so close 004 pre

This had interrupted ThinTallTony's Task as set out to him by the Joker, to be the Joker for an hour and to entertain the Housemates with music, dance and all-round entertainment. 

34 ttt is joker for an hour 004 pre


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