Day 10: Battle of the Titans

01 February 2017
It seems as if Kemen has a rival in the House for resident muscleman
Bassey Powerlifting

With Bassey's introduction into the House, Kemen now has a rival for being the resident muscleman in the House. Kenny had, so far been flexing and exercising his way through the days, helping as many of his fellow Housemates with their exercise regimes. Sundays introduction of Debie-Rise and Bassey brought a whole new dimension into the House's dynamics and in so doing, brought Kemen his main rival.

34 kemen and bassey territorial pissing 004 pre

The two had been good naturedly duking it out to show their peers and Nigeria who was the strongest between the two of them. This morning being the most obvious as the two musclemen decided to powerlift their fellow Housemates in front of the mirror and their new friends in the upstairs bedroom. Kemen and Bassey took turns in hoisting Soma, ThinTallTony and Bally.

The ever wily and aware Efe decided to take part too by powerlifting one of the ladies, he chose the sporty Marvis to lift. Soon everyone was watching, with Bassey and Kemen taking turns to do squats with their Housemates on their shoulders. Bassey and Kemen then hoisted ThinTallTony onto their shoulders and both did their squats and then they ended off their territorial display by both doing pull-ups.

34 bassey and kemen powerlift ttt 004 pre

34 efe powerlifts marvis 004 pre

How will this animalistic display of power and friendly rivalry develop and how will it help both men's game is anyones guess. One thing is for sure, it is entertaing to watch the faces of the Housemates being hoisted in th eair as each man proves their manly strength to the other in an alpha-male rivalry of power.    


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