Day 10: Passion and emotions running high

01 February 2017
Looks like Gifty and Soma just couldn't hold it in any longer.

For tonight’s task Biggie challenged the gentlemen of the Big Brother Naija House to woo the ladies and boy have they delivered!


It was a moment that took everyone by surprise, including Soma and Gifty themselves. While sharing a heart to heart the two locked eyes and kissed tenderly out of the blue. After a few seconds, Soma pulled away and asked “How did that happen?” to a visibly shaken and wide eyed Gifty.

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The tension soon melted away and they were kissing again. Gifty pulled away and asked, “So do you have a Girlfriend?” to which a flabbergasted Soma replied “No!”.So it seems Soma’s officially single and he wasn’t done yet. They made out yet again and he whispered to her that her lips were beautiful and he could kiss her forever.



Perhaps she was still reeling from her fight with Bisola but Debie was absolutely ruthless with the gents. Bally got told he was only a 7 out of 10. “I need you to know that my standards are very high! So you should be happy” she added. Bally was speechless. After Bassey said “I think you’re so beautiful” she retorted “You think or you know?”.

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Needless to say, things were looking bleak until Kemen came along, The two of them hit of and she said she loved his voice as he cradled her hands in his. By the end of her chat she was so blown away she told him she was “Blessed to be in his presence!” Kemen was gushing.



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Feeling left out, Miyonse decided to beg Tboss for a kiss. Unlike Soma he didn’t have much luck in that department and an argument ensued that continued long after the task was over. They just couldn’t agree on how much action was too much for the Big Brother House! Tboss made it clear she wasn’t going to act “out of character” no matter how much he begged. However, she promised him, “I will teach you one or two things when we get out the house.”

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