Day 1: Drama in the Diary Room

23 January 2017
Day 1 Highlights from the Diary Room

With sparkling eyes, Bisola expressed genuine appreciation for all her fellow Housemates.

She thought of herself as one who made friends easily though she didn’t like that Miyonse snapped at her about a simple yam and egg recipe.

Bisola wasn’t going to take any nonsense and ordered "Babba calm down" to her upset Housemate.

Soma kept his competitive nature tightly wrapped under a sunny and friendly disposition - he admitted wanting to take a shot at the HoH position.

So far it appeared as if he might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing inside the House.

Beyond the hype, hair and hope, Uriel appeared to be pretty cautious: she said she wanted "everybody to be happy so they can live happily ever after" but she did not trust any of her Housemates.

She said she was not ready to kiss anyone in the House.  

In true Uriel fashion, she asked Biggie for a red velvet cake, vodka, Brazilian hair extension and for the Naija old school tune "Eni pon se, bio bio" to be played on her birthday tomorrow.

Under her polished looks, CoCoIce made no secret that she couldn’t stand the sea of fake accents in the House.

She thought that Bisola particularly exaggerated her British accent; and, TBoss who had an initial friction with Uriel divulged she didn’t really flow with Bally.

Despite being wary of each other, TBoss and Gifty bonded over the loss of loved ones.

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