Day 1: Biggie subterfuge

23 January 2017
With Marvis failing in her secret Task, Biggie passes on the torch to Uriel by giving her a difficult decision. He also gives Gifty, Miyonse and Bally secret tasks.
uriel s secret difficult task

Where Marvis failed, would Uriel succeed? Biggie transferred the burden of the secret Task from Marvis to Uriel as Marvis did not follow Biggie's instructions. 

It took a while for Uriel to understand the instructions as she said "I am dyslexic" and that she had difficulty in understanding trhe instruction. She was visibly shaken as she felt that Biggie was cross with her. She was not the only one, however that was given secret instructions by Biggie. During the Diary Sessions of Miyonse and Bally, Biggie told them both that Uriel had been given a secret Task and one had to convince her to do the Task and the other to tell her not to do the Task.Bally was told to do everything in his power to get her to do what Biggie had instructed her to do and Miyonse was told to get her not to do the Task. 

Neither of them were told what Uriel's Task was but that should either of them succeed in convincing Uriel to do or not to do the secret task, they would get a reward. 

Not finished with the subterfuge, Biggie also gave Gifty a secret Task to report back to Biggie on any Housemates who were making alliances. He said that he wanted to know what they were talking about if more than two of them were sitting together and talking. His parting words to her were änd remember, Gifty, failure is not an option." This brought Gifty to tears as she took her time in the garden to compose herself, muttering to herself "I can do this."

It's was only the first day in the House and already Biggie had been sowing the seeds of mistrust in the House by potentially pitting each Housemate against the other. 

34 group shot 009 pre

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