Day 1: Efe is King

23 January 2017
Efe officially became the first Head of House after building the tallest tower. 
King Efe

This means that Efe now has the task of leading the House, albeit for a week. With breakfast done, Big Brother assembled all the Housemates in the Arena for the Head of House Task, which saw them aiming to score maximum points by hitting the bulls eye on a velcro board using soft balls. The aim of the HoH Task was to make the balls stick to the board and it was Efe who reigned supreme.

As we have come to expect, Biggie hit them with yet another twist; the HoH is expected to wear kingly ornaments, which consist of a beaded crown, two beaded necklaces and carry a lion head staff at all times, especially when addressing his fellow Housemates.

To make it even more interesting, Biggie has instruceted HoH Efe to keep his kingly ornaments locked away in the King’s Chest and keep the keys safe or risk losing them and his title as HoH. This act cannot be done by force, but only by guile, skill and cunning.

All Hail King Efe

Wow, Biggie sure knows how to throw a curve ball. It will be exciting to see how the other Housemates plot and scheme to dethrone the King of the House and save themselves before Evictions. Biggie, well done oh. You haf started again with your twists.

Will Efe make a great HoH?

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