Davido robbed of USD$55 000

16 November 2015
Music star Davido robbed of N11million cash as well designer watches by armed thieves.
Davido robbed of USD$55 000
It's no secret that Nigeria's top music stars are making alot of money however no one likes to be robbed of their possessions, no matter how rich they are.

Sadly popular musicians Davido fell victim to an armed robbery during his stopover in South Africa. While on route to the United States, the "Dami Duro" singer decided to take a stroll in Johannesburg's illustrious Sandton business district. According to his Twitter feed, he was carrying $55 000 (N10 900 000) cash on him.

It is unclear how he was singled out by the robbers but Davido soon found himself being robbed at gunpoint. The criminals made of with his money as well as two Rolex watches reportedly valued at N700 000 each.

Although the value of the stolen possessions was immense, the singer just seemed to be happy to have escaped with his life and he thanked God for at least sparing his life.

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