Couple Goal lessons from Africa Magic’s shows

17 February 2017
As we draw to the end of Valentines week, we find out what are some of the lessons we have learnt from our onscreen sweethearts.

As we draw to the end of Valentines week, hope it was extra special and love was felt everywhere including from some of Africa Magic’s awesome on screen couples.


What for you are some of the ideal lessons you have taken from some of Africa Magic’s on screen couples?

From the soapy where the struggle for power and wealth sometimes influences most decisions, creating tension and sometimes heart break. Love seems to find its way in the center of it all good or bad.

From Oye and Tes, it’s safe to say that forgiveness has played a big role in this relationship. Recently with Oye’s secret plans to abort her pregnancy, the two could look past this hurdle and still work towards a life together.


To let go of the past has been a major lesson from Adze and Vina, after Vina opened to Adze about her past and some of the not so pretty decisions she has had to make. They could look past it and start afresh.


The tumultuous lives of the Tinsel cast never who never have a dull moment in their interesting lives of the behind the scenes world of film making.

We have learnt from Yaya and Phillip as it stands that it sometimes okay to let go of a relationship.

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Kayode and Telema have been a fine example that love at times will appear different from what you had expected it to look like.

Our favorite family in Lagos The Johnsons have been a true reminder that somewhere out their true love does exist and can stand the test of time, with Mama and Papa Johnson being the perfect poster couple for that.

Share your couple goal lessons from Africa Magic’s on screen affiliations.