Clean-cut Bara - Brethren

22 November 2019
We move to the dissection table and unbundle Bara's character.
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Bara is Chief Kurokeme & Mrs Celestina Kurokeme’s second son and brother to the often controversially tied Dag. A Field Agent with the Special Crimes Unit (SCU), he and his partners, Bassey and Jo form the core team of highly trained operatives taking on high-stakes, sensitive crimes.

Possessing a type of wittiness that has him confused for a deliberate ‘charmster’, Bara has a strong desire to reshape the world through justice and law-enforcement. He believes that no criminal is beyond redemption and as a result does not shoot to kill but shoots to incapacitate for rehabilitation.

Though not revealed early enough, his former ‘orphan’ status forged out of him a soft spot for at-risk and disenfranchised youth. Bara’s highest ideal is doing the right thing, and if given a choice between disobeying an order and doing the right thing, he will risk punishment to stand on the side of justice.

Not quite a narcissist but also not oblivious of his drive, charm and above-par-intelligence, Bara makes a fine officer, but his internal struggles make it difficult for him to deal with issues as flawlessly as he would have preferred. After all, even in perfection lies imperfection.

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