Caught between a rock and a hard place

18 August 2017
We see the Coaches go through tough decision-making this Sunday, as the Battles come to an end.

Decisions, decisions! Tough ones too! That is what The Voice Nigeria Coaches face. Here’s how some of these decisions have left them feeling:

It can’t be easy deciding which Talent to choose over the other and at one point, Coach Timi likened the decision making process to "sending your only child to boarding school." This was after Happiness and IDYL’s magical performance of John Legend’s song titled “Love Me Now.”  

Twitter Fans have also acknowledged the difficult decisions Coaches Pato, Timi, Waje and Yemi make, as seen below:  

We’ve also seen Timi literally crying after deciding who to put through to the Lives between Jahtell and Gee6ixx. It was an emotional end to what had been an energetic Battle between the two.   

Then there was Yemi, who was caught between a rock and a hard place when she had to decide between Majeeka and Wolei, after their performance of Niyola’s song titled “Toh Bad.” She even asked the audience who they thought should be put through to the Lives.   

Waje joins these two, as she too had a tough time choosing between Efezino and Daniel, after their enchanting performance of Asa’s song titled “Awe.”

Meanwhile, Timi had to walk over to Pato’s seat to hold his hand, as Pato faced the task of deciding between Favour and KessyDriz. “You go hold mine later oh,” said Timi, as a torn Pato gathered himself and decided.

At times, the Coaches have been heard saying things like:

“Dis performance is like punishment of the righteous. What did we do wrong?” – Timi

“It’s easier to pick Local Government Chairperson than to pick between these two here.” – Pato

“I promised myself I will not cry this Season.” –  Waje

“If I had my way ehn, nah you go go.” – Pato

With the Battles stage coming to an end this Sunday, the Coaches need to decide which of the remaining Talent they will put through to the Lives. Who will they pick and who’s journey will come to an end? Tune in this Sunday to find out!   


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