Day 73: A Blissful Win

11 September 2019
Nothing the Pepper Dem Gang enjoy more than winning and today, they celebrate another win courtesy Pure Bliss.

In an interesting and engaging Challenge, the Pepper Dem Gang won themselves a 5 star (all you can eat) meal in a buffet style with Nigerian and foreign delicacies. The Challenge which was divided into two rounds saw Omashola winning the first round.

1568233967 56 screenshot 2019 09 11 at 7.22.06 pm

The Pure Bliss Biscuit Race
It’s always fun taking on challenges, and this challenge sure had every element of fun including the delicious tasting Pure Bliss Biscuit. Each Housemate had to pour biscuits into their bowls then move the biscuits to another empty bowl across the Arena. Easy right? So they thought initially till they found out they had to pick the biscuits with wooden spoons and transport to the other bowl. That wasn’t just all. It got harder. They had to use their mouth and teeth to handle the wooden spoon and transport the biscuits. It was quite a sight watching them transport the biscuits. They hurried across the Arena carefully trying to make sure none of their biscuits dropped on the way, but a few still dropped. In the end, Omashola won with the most number of Pure Bliss biscuits transported. 

1568233909 56 screenshot 2019 09 11 at 6.51.28 pm

Do As You Read
After that was done, they proceeded to the next game. Here they all had to pick a card and follow the instructions on the card. From dancing to singing, rapping, telling jokes and saying something nice about someone special, the Pepper Dem Gang obeyed each instruction and it was a delight to watch.

1568234047 56 screenshot 2019 09 11 at 7.55.37 pm

A Gang That Plays Together Wins Together
This was the case as the buzzer went off finally and instead of just one Housemate winning, every single member of the Pepper Dem Gang won. This win had them erupting in joy especially when they heard what they had won – a full course meal. If you know the Pepper Dem Gang well, then you’d know right after winning, eating was their next favourite hobby. 

1568234090 56 screenshot 2019 09 11 at 8.40.16 pm

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