Launch: BBNaija Lockdown don start

19 July 2020
Day zero and the drama started even before they got into the house.
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New year, new Housemates, same old Biggie.  Big Brother Naija has been locking down people long before the rest of the world, and tonight we met the latest batch of Housemates trying to turn a long stay at home into stardom and millions in cash. 

The glittering show was packed with all the favourites we come to love over the years, Ebuka looking sharper than a new knife, music to get you dancing in front of the screen courtesy DJ Neptune, and most importantly and a new group of hopefuls for Biggie to torment for our enjoyment.

Ebuka baff up so good, and this time around his two-tone black and maroon suit designed by Mai Atafo had fashion goals written all over it. His second outfit was white and traditional with red beads that accented it perfectly.  Bobo too fine, every time.

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Every year the Housemate entrances have a way of making a red carpet seem quaint, and this year the stage was more fire than the emoji’s on a church group chat. Upon entering the glittering new stage set up. Housemates had a chance to show their best sexy walk and dance moves before their interview with Ebuka. After which they walked up the stairs and into the eye which leads to the refurbished Biggie’s house. 

Of new Housemates, Oso’s was immediately getting compared to light-skinned celebrities while tongues were wagging when she claimed that she wanted to be loved for who she is, then immediately put blue contact lenses.  Also getting a huge reaction was Eric, who lost his virginity at age 20, and Dorathy who said to look in front for the gifts she got from God. Seems their physique has made them a large number of instant fans.

One thing that always makes Big Brother a staple is it’s dedicated fans. Due to obvious reasons, one thing that was painfully missing was the shouts of affection and screams from the fans in attendance, but the virtual audience definitely made up for it. The beauty of it is that anyone can be a virtual audience member, and if you feel you want to be one, please just click here and see how.

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Ebuka also let us in on a slew of new changes. Now the Head of House will have their private quarters along with the ability to nominate a deputy. There has also been a revision in the format for voting with certain GOtv and DStv packages earning extra votes. One of the biggest changes was the inclusion of a Betway Wallet which gives Housemates the chance to earn money and be fined for bad behaviour like not wearing their microphones.  

New stage, new house, new rules, and lots of new drama, looks like Big Brother Lockdown is going to have us on lock more than the Housemates.