#BBHotshots: Tickle Africa's funny bone

05 November 2014
It's comedy week in the Big Brother Hotshots house and we can’t wait to see which of the Housemates will make Africa laugh.
#BBHotshots: Tickle Africa's funny bone

By Siphilile Shelembe

It seems Arthur has just missed the chance to be in the spotlight as the theme for this week is comedy.

The Housemates have to act out comedic skits that have to include a song and dance that will amuse audiences. 

Biggy will call Housemates at random on Wednesday to do their minute-long skits.

We’ll see which of the Housemates have an inner funny bone that will make us laugh.

This week EllahFrankieNhlanhlaPermithias and Trezagah are up for possible eviction.

The new HoH Idris chose to add Butterphly onto the list after careful consideration.

An emotional Permithias even sent out a plea for Africa to please laugh at his jokes through this sad song:

As usual the HoH task was met with great enthusiasm. This time Housemates were required to "feed the monster" and the boys Nhlanhla, FrankieMr 265 and Idris went through to the HoH task.

Then the boys had to play a game of putt-putt, which Idris won in the end. 

Idris now has to steer the Housemates to win their 100% wager.

The Housemates were also introduced to the freeze tasks where they have to become dead still or be put up for nomination.

Biggy put the Housemates to the test first with an oily man entering the house trying to make Housemates laugh. Then, there were the really loud and bashful sumo wrestlers:

The Housemates successfully managed to keep their composure - we're not sure if we could have been as strong.

An overjoyed Macky 2 received his sneakiest Housemate prize as per the audience ratings on social networks.

He shared his gift with his Housemates, thanking them and telling them that they are like family now.

This week ButterphlyEllahFrankieNhlanhla, Permithias and Trezagah are up for possible eviction.

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