BB Naija: Explosive As Its people

19 January 2017
This is what makes Big Brother Naija different from every other Big Brother you’ve watched.
Nigeria flag

As is said, “What Texas is to the United States, Nigeria is to Africa”. A country sweetly diversified by its rich culture, flavorsome music and contagiously charismatic people. Pioneers in the fields of Fashion, Film and technological advancements. 

Nigeria earned its heavyweight status, when it vigorously and uniquely conquered the world, dominating not only its own back yard, but all other international battle fields. 

No vex abeg

From the four corners of this cooking pot of greatness, Sokoto, Bono, Ogun to Cross River states, Nigeria has helped put Africa under the radar and it is unquestionable that it has become the world’s window into Africa. Making it Africa’s very own big brother. 

A country that managed to turn what the world deems as faulty and broken, into popular culture and a seal of cool, Pidgin English; Influencing Pan Africanism in all aspects. What would Africa Magic be without Nollywood? So, western world, no vex abeg. 

Nigeria dances to the beat of its own drum, with the whole world watching and clapping along.

No Two Nigerians are Exactly The Same

Looking at how Big Brother is conceptualized and generally framed, with difference in cultural consciousness and uniqueness in viewpoints being the driving forces behind often controversial, yet successfully entertaining interactions between Housemates; at the fact that there are more than 500 ethnic groups and accompanying languages as well as being Africa’s most populous country, no two Nigerians are the same.

Each of these unique components that make up the Nigerian people are fully and proudly represented. With that being said, these Housemates are made in the fabric of passion, drive and desire, deeply embedded in the Nigerian gene pool. 

After all, a great song is a result of the synchronized clicking, clapping and banging of different instruments; Big Brother Naija will give out an intoxicating rhythm, you should dance long because Big Brother Naija promises a show as equally explosive as its people. 

Image source: 9jagirl4real.com

Big Brother Naija starts Sunday, 22 January at 7pm and will run for 11 weeks on all DStv packages on channel 198 and GOtv Plus on channel 29.

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