An African Odyssey – Jara

31 October 2019
From channeling his inner bad boy to creating riveting motion content, Udoka Oyeka is a force to be reckoned with, no doubt.
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We know him as the cold-hearted Sarve on Tinsel and the charming prince with heaven-moulded abs on Ajoche; and on both ends of the spectrum, Udoka manages to have the ladies gasping for air. This Nigerian buttered, toasted and served creative has worked on some of the most impressive short format films on the land and this week, he graced the Jara hot seat.   

Udoka was born in the states but moved back early enough to fully absorb the Nigerian culture that in one way or another continues to influence his style of delivery. A University of Texas alumnus, he found and fully embraced his artistic muse after taking theatre arts as an elective.

When asked about the versatility of the film industry, Udoka went back to professional filmmaker factory settings and highlighted the difference between creating and interpreting stories. While these elements are often placed in the same bucket and painted using the same brush, the colours can never be the same. His globally relevant content has been showcased in the most prominent film festivals around the globe yet he considers himself a simple actor living his dream… Can someone tell Mr Oyeka that modestly makes one nasty sha?!

You can take a man away from the arts but you can’t take the arts out of him. If carvings were made through the simple act of uttering, Udoka Oyeka would be the stone on which the notion above would be carved. A man of exclusive and carefully curated arts, Udoka’s passion for the busting and extremely volatile film industry has seen him creating relatable and flawless content, wehdon sah!

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