AMVCA 2016: The unmissable moments

08 March 2016
Here are the best moments from the AMVCAs 2016:
AMVCA 2016: The unmissable moments

This year's AMVCAs were unequivocally bigger and better! Crisp production and larger than life stars made it a true spectacle to behold but of course throughout the show there were some moments that will simply go down in history as unmissable!

Just incase you were busy screaming for joy or had stepped away to refill the snack bowl, we've compiled those moments just for you so you can relive them over and over again! Here are the best moments from the AMVCAs 2016:

The Dab!

While the younger generation dabs any chance they get, it's not every day you see a grown up showing off how clued up they are with current pop culture trends. So when Mai Atafo came on stage to announce the winner for Best Costume Designer, you can only imagine the initial shock then immediate cool points he attained when he dabbed on 'em like his life depended on it!

Salvado steals the show

While Africa's who's who in entertainment was out in full force at the AMVCAs, there was also a fair share of dignitaries in the crowd. This then made for a mix of laid-back creatives and serious corporates, no easy task for anyone called upon to entertain them but that wasn't going to stop Salvado. The comedian took it upon himself to not only have the crowd in stitches but literaly have even the most dignfied of businessmen rolling out their chairs with tears streaming down their face in laughter!

"Lilongwe" puts Malawi in the history books

History is made every year at the AMVCAs but this moment in particular was rather special. When Joyce Mhango Chavula went up to recieve her award for Best Movie - Southern Africa, she not only made history for herself, it was a historical moment for the Southern African nation of Malawi too as her movie "Lilongwe" had just won the first ever AMVCA for their country! A perfect moment for the record books!

Joyce Mhango-Lilongwe

The most emotional moment of the night

The Industry Merit award is an accolade that goes to the creme de la creme of Africa's entertainment industry. The individuals who's strove long and hard to break barriers and raise heights. As such there were no better recipients of the award than legendary veteran actress Bukki Ajayi and Sadiq Daba. While Sadiq Daba wasn't able to be in attendance to recieve his award, Bukki Ajayi stole all our hearts as she gave an emotional speech that left the crowd standing on their feet as a sign of respect and homage to the film stalwart. It's was truly something magical to behold.

Bukki Ayayi-Industry Marit

And the big one for the night goes to...

If there's one award everyone holds their breath for, it's 'Best Overall Movie'. The highly coveted award is reserved for only the most deserving of filmmakers and it's safe to say that it doesn't get any bigger than this when it comes to accolades. So when it Stephanie Linus's name was pulled from the envelope, the crowd couldn't help but erupt in applause. Her movie Dry, the tale of a doctor who tries to help a young girl escape her harsh living conditions, has moved audiences across the continent and beyond. As such the win was a special one, not only for Linus but more importantly for the cause that her movie stood for, the plight of the girl child.

Here's to more powerful African stories being told!


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