Africa Magic EPIC Movie Festival

12 December 2017
Make sure you stay tuned to Africa Magic Epic Ch152 throughout the month of December because we'll be honouring some of Nollywood's class acts, Nkem Owoh, Ken Erics, Mercy Johnson Okojie and Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha. Look out for a new movie every Saturday and connect with us on social media if you love what you see using, "#AMMovies".
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Here is the line up for Nkem Owoh.

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Ekwueme and his Investments (Part 1)

Date: 16 Dec 2017

Time: 11:00 CAT / 10:00 WAT

Ekwueme and his Investments (Part 2)

Date: 16 Dec 2017

Time: 13:00 CAT / 12:00 WAT


Ekwueme expects great returns from whoever marries his daughters so when his fraudulent son in-law comes with promises of riches; he is led by his own greed to a sad end.

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Osuofia in Brazil

Date: 16 Dec 2017

Time: 15:20 CAT / 14:20 WAT

Osuofia in Brazil (AKA Osuafia returns from Brazil)

Date: 16 Dec 2017

Time: 17:11 CAT / 16:11 WAT


The elders of a village decide to send a mischievous village headmaster to Brazil to help develop their village however his mission overseas is different.


On the weekend of the 23rd, we shift our focus to Nollywood hunk, Ken Erics and our very own Mercy Johnson Okojie who avid fans of Jemeji will recognise as Petu.

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My One and Only (Part 1)

Date: 23 Dec 2017

Time: 11:37 CAT / 10:37 WAT

My One and Only (Part 2)

Date: 23 Dec 2017

Time: 13:35 CAT / 12:35 WAT


A village flutist abandons everything to propose marriage to a maiden from another land, after being together for many years, suspicious things begin to unfold.

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Royal Banquet (Part 1)

Date: 23 Dec 2017

Time: 15:37 CAT / 14:37 WAT

Royal Banquet (Part 2)

Date: 23 Dec 2017

Time: 17:47 CAT / 16:47 WAT


A prince refuses to accept his father’s throne due to customs, so he decides to become a reverend father but an encounter with a maiden threatens to ruin his life.

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We close off the festive Season with this gem starring Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha.

Magic Dragon (Part 1)

Date: 30 Dec 2017

Time: 15:40 CAT / 14:40 WAT


Magic Dragon (Part 2)

Date: 30 Dec 2017

Time: 17:50 CAT / 16:50 WAT


A kingdom is in terror after a mystical power casts a spell over their prince and captures his soul; to rescue him a mission to the land of the spirits must be embarked.


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