Abolaji and Adetola's forever – OPW

25 February 2019
OPW Nigeria brings you the most beautiful matrimonial fairytales in the land.

Surrounded by musical niceties plated on velvet’s dance floor and in a euphoria of slight intoxication, Abijola and Adetola bumped heads and decided to pursue a friendship. Despite the distance and how ‘disconnected’ Tola was initially, Abijola knew he just had to get to know this Damsel and that’s how the infant friendship went from getting by on liquids to thriving on solids.

While Abijola was the first to catch the love bug, Tola needed a little convincing and soon enough, she caught on and things have been beautifully intense ever since. After 2 years of sharing both the good and the bad, Abi saw just how much Tola complemented him and couldn’t wait to perfect their canvas by making if official.

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Preps for the big day were underway and we could literally feel the pressure and inexplicable excitement from both sides of this passion coin. The love birds’ wish list was pretty straight forward and was a definite recipe to matrimonial genius.

The bride’s confectionary taste was clearly on par and chocolate-inspired red velvet cake was it.  Thanks to her mom’s good taste, Tola’s tradition dress literally screamed ‘couture’ and Abolaji’s outfit was literally the cherry on top. Surrounded by traditional sounds and warm smiles from family and guests, Abolaji and Adetola became one and tradition confirmed it.

“I’m more than lucky maybe blessed… as a matter of fact, it’s all that and more” was how Abijola calmly declared his undying love and as if on coordinated impulse, Tola opened the flood gates to her heart and promised to stand by her man until the end of time.

Showered in perfectly toned draping, lit by a pool of flowers and filled with the fragrance of love; the newlywed grandly made their way to the reception arena and continued to enjoy their PERFECT WEDDING.  
From sticking it out in the friend zone and slowly making strides towards ‘forever’; OPW Nigeria brings you the most beautiful matrimonial stories in the land and today was no exception. Congratulations to Abolaji and Adetola.   

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