A wife in need, a wife indeed

15 April 2020
In the context of her marriage, Kamsi was the epitome of falling once and getting up thrice.
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In the plight of a crumbling marriage and a questionable identity that for more than just a while, rested fully on being a supportive wife and a super mom, Kamsi held it together (For the most part) and juggled her roles as best as she could.

Not only did she find herself questioning the depth of the ‘I dos’ uttered on the altar all those years ago when the lilies blossomed fully and the sun shone powerfully, but she also had to stretch her hand and comfort her scorned friends.

Despite having allowed Nosa to bring down her guard and disarm her fully; caressing her slumbering ego and making her feel like the trophy she once was; Kamsi displayed incredible maturity and more than anything, was intentional about her priorities.

She still nursed deep affection for Lotanna and hoped that things would change for the better. It’s unfortunate how the universe’s turnaround time failed to match her acts of remorse and allowed Lota to crash face first with the facts of his wife’s unfaithfulness. Nevertheless, Kamsi occupies this week’s #WCW pedestal. Give Folu Storm a fresh glass of palm wine for such a flawless interpretation.

Cover image: Folu's IG

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