A spanking new season of Jara-ooh!

13 July 2017
With a guest appearance from Gbenga Titiloye and a set visit for our lucky winner Chidinma Naze, Season 8's off to a fantastic start!

Last night, Jara celebrated the dawn of an eighth season with our hosts Uti and Helen delivering the gist and hilarious gags that just keep us coming back for more! It's a testament to their sharp wit and incomparable chemistry that Jara is going stronger than ever after over SIX YEARS on air! They also treated our Season 7, Jara competition winner to a set tour in addition to hooking her up with the five-star, hair and makeup treatement. That said, her impeccable style had us impressed from the moment she walked in.

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Gbenga Titiloye also dropped by and brought a gift for Uti who was beside himself with joy! We've got all the best moments from his interview here if you want to full scoop but for now, here are our fave moments from last night's premiere episode, in pictures! 

<p>This could be a meme don&#39;t you think? Caption this photo!</p>
<p>Uti takes Chidinma on a tour of the Jara set and introduces her to the crew&nbsp;</p>
<p>Chidinma meets Helen backstage. She is so beautiful!</p>
<p>When the tea is too hot!</p>
<p>That look you give your bff when you know they&#39;re lying</p>
<p>Backstage shenanigans with Helen!</p>
<p>Let the transformation begin!</p>
<p>Chidinma getting that hurr did!</p>
<p>Post up, FLAWLESS! Chidinma looked even more stunning after our glam squad were done working their magic</p>
<p>Chidinma Naze gets her prize!</p>
<p>Happiness trending!</p>
<p>Gbenga shares a hearty laugh! Who wouldn&#39;t if they were in such great company?</p>
<p>Uti was so delighted about his gift! Gbenga is the best.</p>
<p>Uti promises he&#39;s not sharing this with Helen!</p>
<p>Popping champagne to celebrate eight seasons on air!</p>
This could be a meme don&#39;t you think? Caption this photo!

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