Who's the most loyal Bhadmus?

01 August 2017
This family just can't seem to stick together for long. Why is that?
Mayowa 2

Now don't get us wrong, we adore the Bhadmus family and their ability to (eventually) pull through for one another. That said, we've also seen them cry foul while they stick a kinife of their own in someone else's back! Simply put, there are no saints on Battleground which only serves to make the show more captivating. It embraces the very real truth that we all have good and evil inside of us, no matter how well meaning we might be. Let's dig deeper.

Kolade Bhadmus 

Kolade's finally out of the coma but his road to recovery has been a rocky. He suffered a seizure within moments of opening his eyes and though his family have been by his side the only person he seems pleased to see is Teni. He yanked his hand away when Adaora touched him and doesn't even remember Mayowa. A lot of you suspect that it's because he heard their death threats while he was comatose.


That said, it's still a pretty wicked move for someone who not only lied and cheated but kept his second family a secret for 30 years. On the one hand, Kolade is a loving, protective provider. On the other, a control freak who manipulated his whole family to cover up a billion Naira mess & endangered his own life in the process.


She's played the woman scorned for a while now but it's becoming clear that she's not blameless. Last night, Adaora made the stunning revelation that she's in love with someone else but she can't be with him because of Kolade. Sophie had already alluded to the fact that her cousin has history with Danlami and that Mayowa might not even be Kolade's son. This throws all the burning of clothes and emotional breakdowns into disrepute. How can she act so hurt when she's betrayed Kolade in exactly the same way?

Teni & Mayowa

She's the most caring and compassionate but even the fave princess has her demons. She seduced Emeka for weeks knowing full well that she was engaged to Michael. Let's not even get into the fact that she didn't tell Emeka she was expecting his child for years. That leaves Mayowa who for all his other shortcomings, (arrogance, drunkenness,hot temper) is actually the most loyal of the bunch, or is he? He insists that he's the only one who's looking out for the family and indeed, his father owes him his life but who is he really fighting for? The family or his own prestige? It seems once he doesn't get what he once he turns on them and becomes violent.

So who's your favourite Bhadmus? Perhaps the second family are more your cup of tea though Mayowa 2.0 seems to be just as unstable as her brother. Let us know after the jump and don't miss an all new epsiode of Battleground tonight at 21:00 CAT on Africa Magic Showcase.

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