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09 February 2017
The Housemates react to their Wager loss
Gifty and Marvis

After all the harmony created by Biggie's #BBOnesie Task and the resultant good will between the Housemates, Biggie decuided to throw in a bit of a can of petrol to the fireworks. The Housemates lost their Wager of 75% because they had been lax with Biggie's rules. TBoss, Bisola, ThinTallTony, Kemen and Marvis were singled out for whispering and for speaking a local language dialect. It is English, and Pigeon English or silence.

With the Housemates smarting from Biggie's rebuke, it didn't take long for the manly among the Housemates to start voicing their discontent and some even had temper tantrums, step forward Bassey. Gifty proclaimed her innocence, shouting "Don't blame me for losing the wager." Kemen weighed in with his points of view. ThinTallTony warned Debie-Rise on how she speaks to him. 

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The housemates were brought to order and they set up a new constitution for the House. The main points were, they set a new rule for themselves:
   Make a new timetable for eating
   To respect ThinTallTony and Bassey decisions when it comes to cheorography
   Respect Bisola,Bally and Gifty decision when it comes to acting 
   For hygiene they should listen more to Tboss
   They should watch how they consume food
   Kemen suggested a bottle of coke per day for all housemates.

It seems as if the fragile tension truce has been once again broken by Biggie's sneaky ways. How will they react tomorrow, waking up to the knowlege thatthey have lost 75% of their food allowance? Keep watching those screens.    


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