A change of heart – Ultimate Love

18 February 2020
Aunty's decision is final but that hasn't stop some Love Guests from coveting their neighbours boo.

The deal is done. There's no changing choices now. But sometimes we learn that the heart wants what the heart wants! 

As reality continues to set in for the Love Guests, it appears some might be having a change of heart and are finding themselves second guessing their decisions. One person in particular who's gaze has shifted from his chosen boo is Arnold. The charming chap seems to have caught the hots for Rosie and isn't afraid to say it. During a quiet moment in the Love Pad he pulled her aside and began to profess his undying affection for the lovely lady. But much to his dismay, Rosie made it clear that not only was it too little too late, she also wasn't about to jeopardise her friendship with Bolanle.

So before he couldn't even finishing shooting his shot, Arnold found himself being firmly and decisively shut down. Ouch! And thus Arnold's advances now make him the second guy to catch feelings for Rosie after Jerry gave it a go as well. Sadly for both gentleman, it appears there will be no 'love lives here' for a while in Rosie's heart as she's clearly still licking her wounds after what David Wilson did.

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Do you think this is a sign that a few of the Love Guests are doubting their initial choices and perhaps would prefer being coupled with someone else if they could? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter by using the hashtag #UltimateLoveNG

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