A beautiful forever – OPW

25 March 2019
OPW Nigeria brings you the most beautiful matrimonial fairytales in the land.
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This week’s love story is especially dedicated to those who think of juvenile romance as taboo and unsustainable… a notion sourced from fairytales. With Tomiwa playing Tinkerbell’s role and Bolu the fairy prince, their union is definitely one of the universe’s most beautiful conspiracies.

Contrary to popular belief, not all proposals need to break the bank and Bolu’s was a classic example of the notion. While everyone was still fully submerged in festive euphoria, our groom brought the spirits to an even higher climax when in an intimate setting, he popped the question and had Tomiwa rolling down ‘emotion-lane’.

Décor depicting the peacock’s glorious form and shades of royalty pouring from the ceiling in the form of draping, the traditional setting was like none we’ve seen before.
Bolu grandly made his way to the centre of the circle of warmth made up of friends and loved ones and as if on cue and looking like an absolute dream, Wima followed suit.

If you think the traditional affair was anything to go by, then the wedding fairs closer to celestial reality. With both the bride and groom looking fittingly bespoke in an equally glorious temple, the vow book was opened and there, their forever began.

Still basking in this beautiful euphoria, we were led to the well-tailored reception venue and boy was that a total matrimonial turn-up. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs DaSilva.

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