9 Times The Pepper Dem Gang Served Fashion Styles

07 September 2019
Want to know what the coolest trends this Season are?

Look no further than your favourite Pepper Dem Housemates for inspiration. From Mercy and Venita to Omashola and Mike, these stylish Housemates sure know how to start and rock a trend. So when it comes to injecting their own style with some Pepper Dem on-trend elements, there’s no better place to look at.

Whether it’s a fish-suit, a fire-fighter overall or a statement sequin dress, this Season’s hottest trends are exciting and fun.

Channelling Their Inner Fitness Freak

…Because workout wear just got sexier, thanks to Bet9ja.

Whether doing the acro-yoga or running around the Arena with baggy eyes, your fitness gear game needs to be peng. The Pepper Dem Gang understand this and we can’t deny that they’ve shown us why workout clothes are really worth it.

The phrase “dress for success” is not only a good motto to have professionally but it also applies to the world of fitness.

Party Hard Or Go Home

Back in the day, we would all wait for Christmas parties to dress up. Now, we just need a reason to party hard and play dress up. With the Pepper Dem Gang, all Biggie needs to announce is “Housemates, you have one hour to the dance room” and with nothing to worry about, they come through with the spicy outfits every Saturday Night. More like their reply to Biggie is, “Let’s do this!”

Whether it’s a denim affair or a corporate shakedown, there’s no better place for the Pepper Dem Gang to trend than on the Saturday Night Party dancefloor. The question now is, what should we expect next?

Model Mode Motivated

The Pepper Dem Gang have proven to us that they can also strut their stuff on the catwalk with the best of them, walking the runway in Runway Tasks.

From channelling their runway skills, we’re quite sure that a handful of them will ditch their day jobs for a spot of modelling side hustling.

See for yourself

Playing With Style

The relationship between fashion and football is nothing new but in the Pepper Dem House, pulling off kits and football wears makes the Pepper Dem Gang lead the charge in the fashion trend.

If a fashion expert and a soccer expert need to have a conversation about World Cup uniforms, they should consult the Housemates.

Don’t you think so?

The 50’s Train

For a whole week, we enjoyed something of a love affair with the ‘50s, with the afro wigs and the baggy pants, the Housemates swung through the ‘50s fashion lens with a little rock and roll. Should the ‘50s be back in fashion? We’ll let the Pepper Dem Gang decide.

If the ‘50s left just one piece behind, it was given to the Housemates.

A Traditional Affair

Looking good is the order of the day in the Pepper Dem House. From the Ankara vibes to the vintage trends, we can’t get enough of their traditional groove.

This is what we mean

A Trip To Ancient Egypt

If you were concerned about travelling back to ancient Egypt and you need outfit ideas, check these pictures out.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, what should you not wear in Egypt? Well, here’s what you should not pack – shorts, miniskirts… you know the rest.

Did Someone Call The Fire Service?

The Pepper Dem firefighters found themselves playing an exciting role - that of a high-style muse.

Would it hold up for a fireman’s work? Well, you tell us…

Let’s Go Round The World!

When you visit a new country, you like to learn about the country’s culture and tradition right?

Well, in their World’s Culture Day Task, the Pepper Dem Housemates celebrated different cultures while they served outfit goals.

Would you be caught dead wearing any of these fashion trends? Based on these, let us know which of the styles you would "Take" or "Leave" in 2019.

If you want to know how to nail a look, look no further. All you need to do is to channel in the Pepper em Gang's fashionable edge, while you add a dash of trendy touch to your look. Good luck!

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