Irene Agbontaen's TTYA fashion inclusion

08 May 2018
Our 'tall girl squad' cheer captain, Irene Agbontaen brings on the juice about her brand, talks and fashion-world take over and lets us have a sip.

Fashion has always been a non-verbal statement with the veto-power to dictate an individual’s bubble in society, and for both men and women, there have been short-falls in the availability of apparel that allow both physical structures and personalities to shine through. British-Nigerian stylist and influencer, Irene Agbontaen, successfully identified one of these short-falls and brought to the fashion radar, a beam that shone to new ‘heights’, literally.

Having found it way too challenging to bring together ‘trendy’ and ‘good-fitting’ thanks to the unavailability of brands that inclusively cater for girls that stand as fabulously tall as her, Irene shares how she embarked on a journey that would see a 360 in height-focused fashion tailoring, giving birth to well critiqued brand TTYA ‘Taller Than Your Average’.  She sheds some light on how she’s been able to catalyse the brand’s maturity into ‘movement’ lanes and how hosting talks in different major cities has aided in the transforming of the ‘tall girl squad’ narrative from awkward to cool and well-postured.

Since landing on Nigerian Soil, Irene has been busy putting together fabrics and talks aimed at igniting entrepreneurial sparks deeply embedded in the creative nests of the average African woman; hosting events she clearly holds closer than the heart and judging by how visibly excited she was to be extending TTYA’s ‘inclusion platform’ through her talk with 53 Extra’s Eku, she’s reaching much greater heights than those of the fabulously tall girls she dresses, world heights.

Much like fellow, London-based designer, Tinie Tempah who we spolighted at ARISE AFRICA, Irene and her team seek to “come home more, be embraced more, meet people more and culture exchange more”. On that note, sink your teeth into the full interview below.

Collage image credit: TTYA instagram page image1, image 2, image 3

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