5 Facts That Will Shock You About Sound Sultan

11 July 2017
You already know he's a lyrical genius, a badass producer and an actor, Hip-Hop giant, among others but these 5 things may just shock you (in a good way) about Sound Sultan.
Sound Sultan

Born Olanrewaju Fasasi, Sound Sultan's music has touched many an African and beyond our shores as he's been widely known as one of the pioneers of Hip Hop in Nigeria. Over and above the already mentioned accolades, this "multi operative Entertainer" as he refers to himself also boasts as comedian, rapper and UN Ambassador for Peace. Okay, we're officially jealous!

With such a public profile, we could almost bet that Africa knows everything about him but when we asked, what he said literally shocked us:

1. I used to play in the Basketball league

Is there anything Sound Sultan can't do though? This is testament that anything he does, he simply excels in it. He didn't want to just be a B-Baller like most boys, he wanted to be the best and that's where he landed. Did we mention that we're jealous? 

2. I love swimming

So the cliché is definitely not true because this Black man doesn't just love swimming, he's actually good at it. He actually swims in pools as opposed to sitting around, people-watching. Way to go Sound Sultan! UhmmWhen's the pool party again?

3. I chew straws

Hahaha finally something that shows he's human. We were beginning to think he's half human, half machine. Well, we can confirm that our Sound Sultan allegedly shares this habit with Caron Butler, an American professional basketball player who played for almost all the big American National Basketball Association (NBA) teams including; The Miami Heats, LA Lakers and most recently, the Sacramento Kings. Must be that B-Ball connection hahaha. The NBA literally banned Butler from chewing straws during his time with the Dallas Mavericks [true story - Goggle it].

4. I draw

Just when we were getting comfortable with the fact that Sound Sultan is human, now he says he draws. We bet that this doesn't mean stick-man drawing. There's definitely no stopping this guy! Wow!

5. I have sketches all over my lyric pad

See what we mean by him actually being an artist? Just to put the cherry on top, while going through his lyric pad, you might as well marvel at his sketches...we're officially done with you Sound Sultan. You definitely are G.E.N.I.U.S. [*Can we see some of those sketches though? *wink*]

On Monday Sound Sultan was our guest on 53 Extra, check what he and our guy Ozzy Agu got up to:

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