5 reasons why we love being Nigerian

01 October 2020
We celebrate Nigeria’s 60th year of independence by listing the top 5 things that make us proudly Nigerian.
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If second time’s a charm, then 60 must be the entire diamond mine, abi? As we celebrate 6 decades of independence, we’re reminded of all the awesomely unique things that make Nigeria the gem that it is and why we carry the green and white with pride. Here are 5 reasons why we absolutely love being Nigerian.

Keke 1 - 0 Traffic

E be like say Keke important pass turbocharged Jeep when it comes to ducking heavy city traffic - and we absolutely love It. There are swarms of these yellow auto rickshaws in Nigerian city centres and to say both the rider and navigator gain would be a complete understatement. Not only do these make sure that you’re early enough for your girls/boys night out, but they also substantially contribute to economic evolution and ensure inclusion. Two birds with one stone if you ask us. So next time you’re in Lagos, whistle while making a ‘stop’ hand gesture and you’ll be on your way. 

Landscapes like none seen before

From Plateus State’s Kurang volcanic mountains, all the way to Cross River’s Obudu resort and Lagos’ unexplored Ikare village, Nigeria boasts a plethora of natural wonders that can make any city person have a change of heart and opt for total ‘nomadism’. There are activities, sites and scenery for any and every touristic palate - elements that make travelling through these majestic lands total bucket list goals.


When it comes to authentic African entertainment with twists and plots that represent the African people, Nollywood is definitely the girl she thinks she is. Internationally recognised as an exponentially growing industry with film, stage and television outputs that compete on global arenas, Nigeria’s entertainment industry is in fact, the entire continent’s creativity hub.

As coined by New York Times journalist, Norimitsu Onishi after observing the film making process in Lagos and how resource inadequacy didn’t hinder storytelling, which is essentially the heart of film production; Nollywood simply means ‘nothingness’ or ‘from nothing’. This is definitely reflective of the dedication and persistence of Nigerian creatives who with very little access to equipment and formal training, create the magic that we are about. From Wedding Party to Lion Heart, Sugar Rush, King of Boys and Skin The Documentary amongst others, Nollywood is definitely national pride. Kudos!

Talent royalty

Be it in Ibiza, Budapest, Joburg or Jersey, e no be lie that every single nightspot has a deejay waiting to play his Naija set, and exports like Davido, Tiwa, Burna and Eazy amongst others, are the reason why. These artists didn’t only take Naija to the world, they brought the world to Naija through collaborations with household names; Beyoncé for the Lion King project, Chris Brown, Drake, Rick Ross and a long list of others.

In addition to the land’s musical geniusES, sports warriors like John Mikel, who captained the Super Eagles into international glory while holding it down in various English and Asian leagues, as well as Emuidzhi Oghiabekhva, the first African female baller to ever bag the golden boot after her stellar performance for Minsk in the UEFA Women’s Champions League, are the reason we fly the flag so high.

The bustling local television industry

Practice certainly does make perfect and after impressive outputs in the global film arena, Nigerian creatives continue to brew amazing stories that resonate with all Africans alike.
As Africa Magic, we’re proud to have contributed to this feat through original productions; Hotel Majestic, Tinsel, Hush, Battleground, Ajoche, Forbidden, Eve, currently airing Riona and Enakhé, as well as the continent’s biggest reality serving and recently wrapped Big Brother Naija. 

Like a phoenix, may Nigeria continue to soar, embracing peace and striving to create an even better success story, one that surpasses the last 60 years. As the leading African entertainment hub, we pledge to continue to promote authentically African stories for Africans and by Africans. On that note, a very HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all Nigerians at home and in the diaspora.

 If you're in your feels like we are, watch the video below and sing the national anthem with us... with pride!   

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