Why Falz is husband material

26 June 2017
As if we needed anymore convincing, Falz makes a case for why he's so bae on 53 Extra tonight.
Falz 2

Folarin Falana's flying high after releasing yet another string of hit singles since the year began! The latest, "Jeje", is accompanied by a vibrant and picturesque video that can only be described as "pure, melanin magic!" No wonder it's sitting pretty at nearly half a million views on YouTube.

The rap super-star has also been here, there and every ramping up support for his latest offerings and after we've heard we know we aren't the only ones holding thumbs for a new album! Tonight Falz takes a break from his hectic schedule to give us an exclusive tour of his home and tell us why he's husband material (like we needed convincing). In fact, we're going to go ahead and do it for him.

1. Na fine boy!

Let's see: Flawless skin? (Check). Melanin popping? (Always). #BeardGang? (Standard) Piercing eyes? (Double check). His two million +  Instagram followers didn't happen by chance. Falz has the ladies swooning left, right and center yet he's so lowkey about it.  


It's not everyday that you come across a musician who also happens to be a comedic genius. Like the late and great Prince once said "It's hard to be funny in music" and yet Falz always has us in stitches with his many caricatures.

What make his funnies even more awesome however is the fact that he's usually addressing societal ills in a light hearted and palatable manner. His jokes make you think. Which leads us to the next point . . .

3. Woke bae 

Hate it or love it, Falz is sharp as a whip. He's also never been one to shy away from speaking his mind and calling out what's unacceptable, particularly when noone esle seems to have the courage to. Case in point, he was the number one trend in Nigeria for days recently after his blunt crticism of musicians who glorify fraud but he's beeeen doing this. His smash hit "Wehdone Sir" is a yet another example of how he uses sarcasm & humour to throw shade and school the masses.

4. He can cook! 

Game, set and match! A guy who's funny, cute and cooks too? What more could you want? Oh, and did we mention he's going to show off his cullinary skills tonight? Tune in to 53 Extra on Africa Magic Urban (Ch153) at 22:30 CAT to see how Falz lives life when he's not on the road. 

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