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Amof. In a bid to get a treacherous red ledger kept by a not so straight accounting firm, a man is caught in a maelstrom with dire consequences.


An impotent man suffering financial instability falls into a deeper dilemma when his wife mistakenly gets pregnant with a millionaire's last surviving sperm in a fertility clinic.

No Christmas In December

AMOF. It's Christmas, nothing can make it merrier than a wedding, but Pascal's excitement turns to anxiety when few days to his wedding, he begins to get death threats.

Loose My Love

AMOF. A young man, in a bid to test the love of his woman, takes measures that will later cost him a lot and jeopardize the relationship he is so desperate to keep.

Couple Goals

A relationship blogger constantly dishes out falsehood on social media, ruining relationships until the wheel comes full circle.


A prodigal son gets another shot at redemption when he crosses path with an unforgettable young woman.

A Dose Of Her Pills

Susan believes love is just a fantasy and doesn't want any form of commitment with any man, but she's yet to taste the results of her action.


'S1/E186 of 260'. Kaineto faces questioning. Mariam and Jocelyn take a trip. Zayn finds out what his mother has done.


'S1/E187 of 260'. Kaineto negotiates Zira's disappearance, Tahir struggles with his new identity. Zayn reveals a secret.


'S1/E188 of 260'. Zayn schools Andem on power, the voting takes an interesting turn, and Zira strikes again.


'S1/E189 of 260'. Tahir lashes out at Kaineto. Goldie and Yolaine decide to rescue Salma.


'S1/E190 of 260'. Kaineto loses Tahir's trust, Yolaine and Salma get in trouble, and Tawa toys with Dembele.

Baby Blues

Fredrick and Sharon enjoy close to a perfect marriage. Trouble sets in when she becomes suicidal and later diagnosed with postpartum depression.

Birth Hurt

A desperate couple is repeatedly conned out of millions, all in a bit to have a child by any means possible.

The Heir's Ticket

The pursuit of power amongst 'mismatched siblings' who will stop at nothing to gain a fast-fleeing inheritance.

The Single Wife

Amof. A sworn philanderer with a tongue of gold is paid back in his own coin by his wife as she is pushed to the brink of insanity.

Just A Maid

When single mother and hotel waitress Onyelo leaves her job to work for Bianca, she is treated badly by the very girl she helped to raise after her friend's death.

Double Crossed

When Eric refuses to seek medical remedy for his sexual problems, Adanna discreetly satisfies her starved urge from a close family associate.

Perfect Union

AMOF. Two couple realize that a perfect union has nothing to do with appearances but with the selfless acts of love, kindness and forgiveness each individual exhibits


Amof. A man who is incarcerated on trumped up charges, resolves to seek vengeance from prison, leaving trails of death in its wake.

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