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Who will get served with heartbreak after Vodka?

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Love In The Mix

When Annie is mistakenly told she is dying of leukemia when her test result gets mixed up, she sets out to do things she would normally never do.

The Signature

At the celebration of Jessica's welcome onboard party, she gets drunk, leading to her having an illicit affair with the influence of the alcohol she took.

The Playbook

An 'accomplished playboy' is collating a play book, aiming to share his 'vast knowledge and understanding of women and how to control them.


The marital pressure from her mother who desperately wants her to get married before the age of thirty, pushes her into dating spree, hoping to find the right man.


When Nifemi and Swell decide to elope because their parents disapprove of their marriage, Nifemi's parents lock her up in their mansion. Swell has to come up with a plan.

Soul Ties

An eighteen-year-old girl struggles desperately to prove her innocence for the murder of her Pastor, but her brief romance with the Pastor now stands in her way to freedom.

Visa On Arrival

'S1/E15 of 26'. Officer Charity meets her match in a fellow prayer warrior seeking pilgrimage to the holy land! It's a showdown! An applicant tests his karate skills on Moses.

Perfect Deal

Jibola is startled to learn he has a daughter, considering being married for 5years without a child. Now, he grapples with disclosing this unexpected news to his devoted wife.

The One Who Got Away

A mother's love knows no bounds, but when her children try to play matchmaker, will she find love or heartbreak?


A spoiled teenager resentful of her mother desires to be an adult to be free from her, wakes up grown. She must fight to be young again after realizing that adulthood is scam.


When a polygamous man dies a year after marrying his second wife, the unbelievable begins to unfold.

Kiki's Dilemma

At first sight, he falls in love with her with the mind set of spending the rest of his life with her. But her nasty character always puts him off.


A woman stuck in a loveless 26-year-old marriage to her accountant husband is offered a ticket out of her marriage when an old flame suddenly reemerges.

Off Air

'S1/E6 of 13'. An entertainment talk show that spotlights trendy topics happening across the world.

Babysitting Ejiro

A young man sets out to profess his feelings for his colleague but he gets sucked. The result is a roller coaster of emotions with a healthy dose of laughter.

Love Unusual

A disgraced ex-teacher runs into the love of his life, the woman who was the reason he got sent to jail.


Love becomes complicated when a young woman who believes she has found love with the man of her dreams, wakes up to find he has a very troublesome ex with an axe to grind.

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