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Which movie premiere are you looking forward to watching?

Bride Quest25%
Troubled Girlfriend35%
Billionaire Cook14%
Moments of Truth26%

TV Guide

Sunny Boy

Despite his midget nature, Sunny, a rich young man did not give up on his love and affection for the woman of his dreams.

Everybody Dies

Helen became like a mother to her siblings after the death of their parent but after they separated, things became different for her.

Palace Of Immorality

A sudden calamity befalls the palace when all occupants start to have an unholy relationship with a ghost.

Just Kidding

Amaka propose to her boyfriend Ekene and ask him to move in with her, but tables turn when Amaka starts falling for Ken.

Destined Apart

Ikenna showed Tochi all the love in the world, he would go the extra mile to make her smile. Tochi meets a corper and the entire love story changed.

Caged Goddess

Ovuna, the goddess is in love with a prince the heir to the throne. Caging her is the only way to keep her away forever, but disaster strikes when the bound was broken by a jealous lover.

Taking Side

Two love birds get their hands burnt when unwanted pregnancy drives them out of their homes.

Latest Widow

A city lady becomes a widow due to her husband's reckless life.


Ikwo is a village girl who terrorizes the neighborhood, especially men who want to take advantage of her. She did this till she falls for the most unlikely person the village.

Blue Blood In Red Soil

The life and times of Oba Kosoko is defeated by the British invaders. We go back and look through his original palace while meeting the current Oba.


'S1/E79 of 260'. Revenge, war, duty, honor, love and lust are the order of the day, as the people of Ocholuje must learn to survive when they uncover some bitter truths.