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Which of these Saturday movies are you most looking forward to?

Joy Of My Agony56%
Achom Di Festival12%
My Second Wife32%

TV Guide

True Love

The life of young Abigail who is so fond of her proposed man 'Chubby' turns to a focus of no hope, as her mother zooms her mind towards a young wealthy man called Frank.

Not My Daughter

A young girl returns to the village after her studies to introduce her love of to her parents only for her father's dubious friend to ask her hands in marriage for his son.


Balokun narrates the story of a young lady who encounters an Osun priestess during her wedding preparations. She is told of her entanglement with a spiritual husband.

AMVCA 2022: Live Show

Enjoy the live broadcast of the 2022 Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards, as winners of each categories are unveiled.

Obum: My Wife

Following cultural preservation, a woman seeks for alternative to procure a male child in order to retain its family name and lineage.

Above The Law

Stealing is a habit and way of life for a young man whose rich uncle refuse to help, thereby making him a minster in the society.

Achom Di Festival

One pride of Nri Kingdom is the Achom-di Festival, where the princess is to choose the right suitor for a husband. Will she choose between two best friends?

Bush Meat

A womanizer finds pleasure in an unusual place and may likely end in an unusual manner.

Pot Of Money

Out of frustration and desperation, two guys decides to take the fast lane through rituals.

My Trouble Son

Njo choice of wife threw his family and the entire community into dilemma while Oba atrocities in the village backfired.