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Which of these Saturday movies are you most looking forward to?

Joy Of My Agony57%
Achom Di Festival12%
My Second Wife32%

TV Guide

The Crown

The king of a kingdom dies immediately his wives put to bed to bouncing baby boys. Who will be the next king?

Blood Brothers

After several failed attempts to get a wife in the city, a successful young man finally yields to his mother's advice to come over to the village to pick one.

Family Feud

A successful contractor who is asked by his king makers to become the king. His acceptance brings discord between his two wives and their children.


A family once united face a challenge that requires more than a mere understanding to conquer.

Family War

It is believed that an African man can marry as many women as he can control and care for , but the case id different in this interesting family story.

Rotten Egg

When a pretty and comfortable woman who can afford anything she needs in life, she choose to pick things without paying for them.

Thirsty Desire

This master piece explores conspiracy in marriage in every sense of the word.

Mad Over You

Chikelue fantasizes over the woman he meets in his dreams and has never ceased to draw an image of what he thinks she looks until he finally meets her in reality.

Small Girl Big God

A story about the journey of a young girl who is suffering in the village with her mother after the death of her father and brother.

Violent Princess

She is a princess and the only daughter of a king, kind to a fault but do not take advantage but very dangerous.