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Which of these Saturday movies are you most looking forward to?

Joy Of My Agony60%
Achom Di Festival12%
My Second Wife28%

TV Guide

Blade Of War

A king hates his daughter to the point of selling her to slavery, but she will not be bitter to not safe them from the hands of traitors.

The Two Shokies

Two brothers who have literally done all in life to survive finally gets a job in a wealthy man's house. Will they take the opportunity and turn their lives around?

Money O Clock

After using his son for sacrifice, a heartbroken but now a rich father must ensure that the throne which rightfully belong to him comes back to him.

The Seventh Seal

Two friends are so desperate to become rich and get themselves involved in ritual, but they are asked to use human as a sacrifice.

Desperate Police Woman

Ejiro is so much in love with her husband and can do anything to make him happy, unfortunately for her, a desperate police woman comes into the picture and stole him away from her.

Best Mistake

A family with big expectations is met with an unexpected condition when their highly esteemed daughter comes home pregnant. Watch more movies on Africa Magic Epic.

Too Late To Forgive

A wife abandons her only child to be with another man because of their financial situation. Will the husband take her back when she changes her mind?

Lifelines With Mima

'S1/E1 of 13'. The very first episode of the show treating the subject of Virginity.

Evil Forces

After killing his brother, a young man ensures he eliminates the entire household.

Drama Queen

Beautiful maidens in a village are dying to get the attention of young man that came back from the city not knowing that the young man has another plan.