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Which of these Saturday movies are you most looking forward to?

Joy Of My Agony60%
Achom Di Festival12%
My Second Wife27%

TV Guide

My Village Karma

One who is giving to flirting with girls and breaking their hearts gets a piece of the cake when they truly fall in love.


Tokunbo discovers the true paternity of his supposed three daughters but just as he drops them at the village, they become the fantastic three.

Mad Over You

Chikelue fantasizes over the woman he meets in his dreams and has never ceased to draw an image of what he thinks she looks until he finally meets her in reality.

Queen Elizabeth

The PTSD of a civil war veteran is explored in this psychological drama.


'S1/E154 of 260'. Ofotonku gives Misan an ultimatum. Jolomi tells Uwatse his good fortune. Tsefino speaks her mind to Atseaghan.


'S1/E154 of 260'. Revenge, war, duty, honor, love and lust are the order of the day, as the people of Ocholuje must learn to survive when they uncover some bitter truths.

Sergeant Nkechi

Nkechi goes to the village and abscond with people's phone all in the name of a phone repairer, now she is back as a sergeant to recruit people from her community in the police force.

Dark Knight

Suddenly, a man starts experiencing records of calamities in his household. What could be the cause?

The Successor

A story that tries to x-ray the culture of royal heritage, where in the past people were born with royalty but it now comes with what you do.

Sound Of Grudge

What could possibly make a man become forgiven and hold grudges against his own brothers and family members even after his death?

Brother's Love

Kimberly Stephen is trapped in the middle of love and distraction by her brother. What happens when the nurse who delivered her comes to visit her mother?