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Day 55: 16 Sept: Housemates at odds over coin contributions for shopping – BBNaija

16 September 2023
The remnants of their weekly wager loss are finally showing themselves in the All Stars house.
Coin wahala

This morning, HoH Cross was tasked with collecting the coins for the upcoming shopping spree, in light of the All Stars' wager loss. He set the minimum requirement of 200 Moniepoint coins per housemate, and it didn't take long for sparks to fly. Venita, in particular, was quick to voice her dissent. Her objection was rooted in the belief that her hard-earned coins should not be handed over without a clear justification.

Alex, on the other hand, had a different reason for her agitation prior to collection. She had recently discovered that someone had stolen some of her coins, prompting her to threaten retribution. The stakes were rising, and tensions were escalating. Mercy Eke declared that she'd rather give her coins to the devil upon her eviction because, at least, he wouldn't have nominated her. 

Venita, however, remained the vocal point of contention. She firmly stood her ground against the 200-coin minimum, arguing that Cross had not consulted with the housemates and was merely dictating terms. Cross, undeterred, decided to reduce the minimum to 100 coins, but Venita was not appeased.

The situation reached a boiling point when Venita insisted on actively participating in counting and recording the coins contributed. Cross, confident in his accounting abilities, brushed off her offer, causing even more friction between the two. Venita issued a stern warning to Cross, declaring that he would "hate her for life" if he misused the housemates' hard-earned contributions.

This clash between Cross and Venita was not their first altercation. Earlier in the week, they had exchanged harsh words that ultimately led to apologies after Biggie's intervention. Venita ominously hinted that if Cross thought that was bad, he had seen nothing yet. 

Watch Cross and Venita's fight: 

As the housemates finally gathered their contributions and began shopping, Venita did not hold back her opinions. She expressed her frustration at what she saw as wastefulness among the housemates, particularly when it came to bread. According to Venita, they consumed it like a vacuum, which further fueled her reluctance to contribute.

With a collective total of 2900 coins for their shopping, the big question looms: Will this be enough to sustain them? With tensions simmering and disagreements over coin contributions, it's not unlikely that arguments over food distribution will ensue. The housemates' unity and cooperation are now put to the test, as they navigate the challenging terrain of shared resources.

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