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Day 20 - 12 Aug: To ship or not to ship? – BBNaija

12 August 2023
Ike and Uriel kickstarted a garden gist about getting into ships in the house.
Uriel and Ike gist

In the serene garden of the All Stars house, a candid conversation between Ike and Uriel unfolded like the petals of a delicate flower. The topic of discussion? Relationships within the house and the intricacies that surround them. As the two did an arms and chest workout, their exchange unveiled a fascinating tale of love and strategy. 

Ike expressed regret at his previous ship with Mercy Eke, but later retracted it, noting that their connection was genuine, but they had miscalculated how their bond would transition beyond the confines of the house. Despite their ship's ultimate demise, Ike and Mercy Eke seem to have found common ground and even shared advice about relationships, with Mercy Eke wishing for Ike to find someone who could provide comfort and companionship during their time in the HoH bedroom.

Watch Mercy Eke gives Ike ship advice:

Uriel confided her concerns about her performance in the current season. Worries about possible eviction clouded her mind, prompting her to contemplate entering a ship as a means of securing her stay. Ike, however, affirmed her talent and contributions to the house, encouraging her to be true to herself rather than seeking superficial alliances for survival.

The spotlight then turned to the myriad ships budding within the All Stars house, most notably those involving AdekunleVenitaAngel, and Soma. Ike perceived Adekunle's approach as strategic, using the ship to his advantage. Conversely, he believed that Venita's connection with him was more authentic, acknowledging the rarity of such sincere attachments within the house.

Angel and Soma's tumultuous relationship also took centre stage. Ike pointed out the differences in commitment levels between the two. While Soma seemed deeply invested, Angel's wavering commitment raised questions about the longevity of their ship. A recent quarrel had caused a temporary rupture, with Angel expressing doubt about Soma's self-belief. Although they eventually patched things up, Angel's uncertainties persisted, even in Biggie's diary room. 

Uriel's query about entering a ship stemmed from a conversation she had with Ilebaye, where she sought advice on pursuing her interest in Neoenergy. Despite Ilebaye's urging to take the initiative, Uriel was hesitant, considering it "too forward." Her reluctance stemmed from Neoenergy's existing involvement with Tolanibaj, who had been embroiled in conflicts with female housemates closely linked to him; Princess and Ilebaye. 

Watch Uriel party with the boys and regret it: 

The anticipation of another party night looms so will Uriel's potential moves and decisions be laid bare? Will she heed Ilebaye's advice and take the plunge, risking a Tolanibaj-induced explosion? Uriel kissed Neoenergy at the first Saturday Night Party, so will she shoot her shot again? 

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