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Zooming in on how Phyna did it! – BBNaija

03 October 2022
Entering the House through the Level 2 doors, Phyna’s attitude and approach to life in Biggie’s House set her up for success.

Phyna emerged the Winner of the 7th Season of Big Brother Naija after polling a total of 40.74 per cent of the Votes in the final week. The show’s Host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, announced the Winner at this Season’s Grand Finale on Sunday, October 2, 2022.   

The native of Edo State beat 23 other Housemates to clinch the prize after an intensely competitive 72 days. This is the second time a female Housemate has, against all odds, be declared the winner of Big Brother Naija. 

The seventh edition of the BBNaija franchise will go down in history as the most successful iteration yet, having recorded over a billion votes, over 40,000 auditions and broken social media engagement records. The innovative changes to the Show and twists that occurred from the beginning helped keep things exciting. It also had viewers on their toes and constantly trying to figure out Big Brother’s next move. The success of this edition is particularly remarkable, considering fans didn’t have the usual SMS voting platforms to vote with this year.  

Phyna came into the Level Up House with a lot of energy and immediately caught the attention of viewers who questioned her unusual swag. While speaking with her fellow Housemates at the first attempt in the former Level 2, trying to get to know each other, she made it clear she was a hype woman and a trailblazer who did not entertain nonsense. At this point, it was clear that we were in for a rollercoaster ride.

Her expressive attitude and clean use of Pidgin English endeared her to the hearts of fans who saw her as a ‘real’ Housemate and not faking any aspect of her life in the House. Phyna spoke about her life and struggles in a way that made her an open book whose ‘grass to grace’ story was easily relatable. 

Groovy and Phyna speaking about their ship

Romantic Entanglements

Being a very expressive Housemate, Phyna quickly confessed her crush on Eloswag a week into the show and went ahead to give him a passionate kiss at the first Saturday Night Party. When Eloswag failed to reciprocate Phyna’s affection, she quickly moved on as she was not about to be reduced to begging for love and attention. 

While all this happened, Groovy was also going through his relationship drama with Beauty and Chomzy. After Beauty’s Disqualification, however, an unexpected ship between Groovy and Phyna emerged and Groophy was born.

The ship was unexpected because Phyna had gone to plead Amaka’s case for a ship with Groovy but the latter decided to start a relationship with Phyna instead. This led to a little squabble between Amaka and Phyna which was later sorted.

Shella Vs Groophy


Like many other Housemates, Phyna had her fair share of fights which most times involved her using Pidgin English to properly express her disdain for whatever the problem was. Phyna’s first altercation in the House was with her gossip partner Amaka when they both had a conversation about strategy, which later turned heated.

Phyna’s confrontation with Shella when the Levels merged also sparked a lot of controversy online with some fans supporting her all through while some others complained about the way she spoke to Bella and Sheggz. These fights however showed she was not one to back down from discomfort but would rather face it head-on.

Phyna wins Head of House Challenge

Tasks and Wagers

The former Level 2, unfortunately, failed multiple times to win the Head of House which decimated them early in the Season. Phyna, however, broke the jinx a few weeks before the Finale when she emerged as the first Head of House from the former Level 2. As Head of House, Phyna was able to pull off a fantastic Wager Presentation with the help of Adekunle, Chizzy, Hermes and other Housemates. Her leadership, though filled with a lot of tense moments, saved the House from starvation. She had also pulled the same feat when Hermes was Head of House as she helped him organise a dance routine which was to be part of their Wager Presentation in honour of men and women in service. Phyna’s role in the House winning their Wager back to back put her in a position where she was seen as a goal-getter and not just a loud Housemate. 

Amaka comforts Phyna


Despite her disposition as a confirmed ‘agbero’.😂 Phyna made beautiful friendships in the House all through the Season. First of these was the Aljazeera/CNN connection with Amaka. The friendship between the two was so juicy that they sometimes did Kayode’s job of dropping all the gist and gossip from the Level Up House in their discussions. 
Phyna also developed an on-and-off friendship with her fellow Edo babes Chichi and Rachel when the Levels merged.

Her friendship with Chichi would eventually become her ticket to the Finale as Chichi emerged as the Supreme Veto Power Holder for the Season and used her power to take Phyna straight to the Fiinale. 

Phyna wins Level Up Season

The Grand Finale

While on stage, fans screamed in excitement as Ebuka announced Phyna as the Winner of the Level Up Season with a total of 40.74 per cent of the Votes in the final week. Bryann was the first runner-up with 26.74 per cent of the votes. Bella came in third place after polling 15.78 percent of the Votes. Others in the top six included Adekunle, who gathered 12.36 percent of the Votes and came in fourth, Chichi who came fifth with 2.49 per cent, and Daniella finished sixth with 1.89 percent.

Grand Prize

The ₦100 Million Grand Prize for this Season’s Winner is the largest yet, with a ₦50 Million cash gift and a brand new Innoson G5T from Innoson Motors. Other prizes include one bitcoin from Quidax, a Dubai trip for two courtesy of TravelBeta, a brand new Camon 19 from Tecno and electronics from Nexus. To make things more interesting, Pepsi gives the Winner 1 year supply of Pepsi products, while Waw detergent, Munch It, Unik and Dano will supply packs of their products.  
Big Brother Naija Level Up headline and associate sponsors; Pocket by PiggyVest and Flutterwave give cash prizes to the Winner.

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