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Finale – 2 Oct: Biggie's emotional last words to the Level Up Top 6 - BBNaija

02 October 2022
There was no dry eye in the Level Up House as Big Brother shared final words of wisdom and encouragement to the Final 6.
Top 6

Housemates. You look dazzling tonight.

What could the occasion be?

Once upon a time, there were two levels. Now there is one.

Once upon a time, there were 28 housemates and now there are 6.

Big Brother's Spectacular 6.

Adekunle, the barbecue man.
You are deserving of every good thing the world has to offer.

Embrace your value, nurture your skill, and always adorn yourself in a cloak of self-worth.

Big Bella.
Never too shy to say it as it is.
Stand tall with pride as you always do.
Be the candle in the dark room.
Be the sun in a room filled with candles.

Bryann, Big Baby Bree
Do not waste your time on anything that does not "jig".
You are a star. Its inevitable that you will shine. After all, it's not easy to be this breezy.

Chichi, the bad... Hmmm... Let's go with Supreme Veto power holder.
Look in the mirror. Look closely and recognise that you are a queen.

Daniella, the poet.
Do not be afraid to make mistakes.
Navigate life as deftly as the words you write and you will be fine.

Last but definitely not least.

Phyna, the hype priestess.
You came here to make a difference now go out there and do the same
There is only one question;
Is the world ready?
Phyna, who dey...

Housemates, beyond Big Brother's walls, is a world of endless possibilities.

You have not just leveled up.
You have become forces of nature.
Immovable. Irresistible. Unstoppable.

As they say, goodbyes precede new beginnings.

This goodbye will herald the beginning of your reign as royalty.

Housemates, go out there and rule.

Big Brother bids you goodbye.

And remember Big Brother is always watching.

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