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Day 70: Reminiscing on experiences with Evicted Housemates – BBNaija

01 October 2022
Diana and Rachel were part of a Garden gist between the Housemates who shared their experiences with each of the ladies.
Garden gist

The Level Up Season is drawing closer to an end, and Housemates are taking a look back at some of the times and Housemates that created highlight moments for them. On the table were Rachel and Diana, both as individuals and a situation that united them: Giddyfia. Giddyfia's love square remains a hot topic in Biggie's House. 

Daniella and Chichi both shared instances where they felt Rachel was rude. Chichi did not like how Rachel approached her during the pitch. Rachel's opening sentence was, "I know you won't pick me," and it was clear that she would not beg Chichi to Save her from possible Eviction when she won the Head of House title and had Supreme Veto Power. Instead, Rachel used the opportunity to tell Chichi to own up to her mistakes. Chichi also shared Ebuka's table-shaking question with Rachel who called her a liar. 

Watch the Supreme Veto Power pitches:

Rachel's behaviour in the House left Adekunle pained because he "really wanted to be friends with her," he said. It seems Adekunle did not communicate his changed mind about his interest to Rachel. This explains Rachel's confusion about Adekunle's interest in Daniella. Adekunle told Ebuka during on of the Sunday Live Eviction Shows that he and Daniella are getting closer and would like to get to know her better. This statement left Rachel in her feelings and she told Biggie in the Diary Room and even chose Adekunle as someone she would Evict if she had the power because she did not understand him anymore. 

The Giddyfia love square came to the fore as Adekunle expressed that he was in the dark when it came to Diana's suspicion. During a Saturday Night Party, Diana shouted in irritation at Rachel for her closeness to Giddyfia. Adekunle asked both Rachel and Giddyfia if they were on a ship, and they both denied it. Soon after that Adekunle would learn that their denial was false and that the two were interested in each other, and even kissed at one point. 

Watch Adekunle gist about Rachel: 

"Diana knew what she was saying," Phyna said during their Garden gist. The Housemates spoke of her maturity and how Diana's age caused her to stay away from someone who was nine years younger than her and caused her a headache. Adekunle reckoned Diana would always be a step ahead of things that happened at the House and would always tell Adekunle after the fact that she was right. 

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