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Day 70: A focus on the Riders – BBNaija

01 October 2022
The Level Up season came with special moments thanks to Biggie’s Riders Chizzy and Rachel.

Chizzy and Rachel were introduced to viewers on the 7th of August, two weeks into the Level Up season. As confirmed by Ebuka when they went into the House, they were to go through the season straight into the finale week and only got Evicted on 30th September after having dinner with Ebuka in Level 3.

Chizzy and Rachel go into the House

After the launch of the Level Up season, viewers were getting acquainted with 24 Housemates when Biggie hit everyone with a shocking addition of two Housemates, Deji and Modella, who turned out to be Fake Housemates. This made the total number of Housemates to be 26. Surely, this was enough Housemates for the season we all thought. Biggie, however, had other plans and we were slammed with another shocking addition of two new Housemates.

This meant the Level Up season was going to witness 28 Housemates. Who were these Housemates? Were they even real Housemates? So many questions but Ebuka quickly revealed to viewers that they were ‘Riders’ and they would be a part of the show down till Finale week.

Chizzy and Rachel brought an extra spice to the Level Up season with their actions, which both shocked and entertained viewers at the same time. After all, they were free from the worries of Eviction, so it’s only fair they bring a good dose of spicy drama our way.

Chizzy was so particular about his role that he at a point went into the Diary Room and made a list to Biggie of a few things he did to his fellow Housemates in order to successfully play his role as a Rider. While with Biggie, he mentioned his direct tone while speaking to his fellow Housemate and how it would have been different if he was a real Housemate.

Rachel was also a fiery character who was quite opinionated and did not hesitate to express herself to her fellow Housemates. Though she did not expressly state she was expressive because she was a Rider, her role definitely gave her a special tick that the other Housemates could not decipher.

Their entanglements

Like most of the other Housemates, Chizzy and Rachel also had their fair share of triangles, entanglements, and ‘special’ friendships.

Upon making her entrance into the former Level 1, Rachel almost immediately caught the attention of Diana who felt Rachel had affections for Giddyfia whom she was also interested in. Diana’s suspicion soon led to a confrontation with Rachel after one of their Saturday Night Parties. 

Diana confronts Rachel

Chizzy was also caught in a close friendship with Doyin, which many of the other Housemates could not understand. In as much as Doyin made it clear there will be nothing between the Rider and herself outside the House, Chizzy in a Diary Session told Biggie he would like to speak with Cyph outside the House in order to find out if he can pursue a relationship with Doyin. 

They came, they entertained and gave us highlights for premium gist. Here’s to our amazing Riders Rachel and Chizzy.

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